The Six-Year-Old wins another round

TowerTreasureCoverOn a recent Saturday afternoon, The Six-Year-Old and her father were tucked up on our couch reading The Tower Treasure (Hardy Boys #1) by Franklin W. Dixon. When he reached the end of the chapter, Daddyo closed the book and set it aside.

The Six-Year-Old, desperately: “Keep reading! You can’t leave Joe like this!”

Daddyo, practically: “I’m about to run out of motivation to do the dishes. I need to seize the opportunity to get up and do it while I still can.”

The Six-Year-Old, seriously: “You need to seize the opportunity to sit.”

Outcome, which will surprise exactly no one: Daddyo read another chapter.


  1. You picked the cover from one of the original 1930’s versions, when they were written the best. I’d lose my motivation also. Then I’d eventually do the dishes anyway, or at least load the dishwasher!


    • My husband picked up a bunch of old Hardy Boys from eBay over the summer. The collection includes books written in every decade from the twenties to the sixties. He has mostly read the older ones with The Six Year Old so far, with one exception. #7 death game is from the eighties and judging from the Six Year Old’s reaction to it I’d say she agrees with you. She kept criticizing it for various inaccuracies–Chet’s jalopy is the wrong color, the flashbacks to previous mysteries had the Hardy Boys searching for the wrong stuff etc. it’s kind of fun to see how the series evolved with the rewrites, though.


      • In many cases, the rewrites politically corrected the fun right out of many of the stories because they were so afraid of offending someone. Maybe they would’ve but it still made the stories suck.


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