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Wordless Wednesday: Our Magical Red Bush

(Photo: Michael Howell)

(Photo: Michael Howell)

One of my favorite parts of spring is that moment when I walk outside and catch the mysterious red bush in front of our house in bloom for the first time. You’d think I’d remember it was going to happen, but this bush sports only red or purplish leaves for ~360 days a year, so its fresh white flowers in May always feel like a joyful surprise.

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What’s Wordless Wednesday?

Recently I discovered Wordless Wednesdays through the blog, 5 Minutes for Mom. Basically, on Wednesdays all around the Internet, bloggers post their favorite photos, ideally without any words to accompany them, but often with 1-2 sentences of context. I’m not a photo-blogger. I’m more of a word girl, so I thought Wordless Wednesday would be fun.

3 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Our Magical Red Bush”

  1. anotherjennifer

    So pretty! I love it when those first blooms appear. So magical. Happy WW!



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