Quiet here this week, because…

Poster advertising the 21-foot long sermon to be given at the Congregational Church of Needham in the late 1800s. (Photo: Danielle Jurdan)

I’m working flat out putting together a historical exhibit for the Congregational Church of Needham to display as part of Needham’s Walk Through History this weekend. As the volunteer archivist for the church, I’m in charge of highlighting fun stories from the church’s past to entertain local history buffs. If you live in the area, come out and see our exhibit this Sunday, October 14.

If you’re not local, but are still curious to know more about what I’ve been doing during this period of radio silence, come check out my blog, Once Upon a Time in Needham.

I’m using it to document some of the interesting stories I find during my stint organizing the church archives, including:

I’m particularly excited about this Sunday’s exhibit, because I’ve found lots of great new-to-me stories in the archives this summer, including:

  • The Missing Stained Glass Window and Other Hazards of Capital Campaigns
  • The 21-Foot Long Sermon
  • The Minister Who Was Entirely Too Fond of Tobacco and Sports

I’d tell you all about them here, but honestly, I’d rather see you at the church on Sunday. 😉


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