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In which The Five-Year-Old plans to be sneaky

Not Sneaky.

After hearing how a very young Gran would sneak out of the house when her mother wasn’t looking and hide in the woodshed, The Five-Year-Old was inspired. Sensing this, Mommyo quickly tried to rephrase Gran’s feat into terms that wouldn’t put The Five-Year-Old in imminent danger.

Mommyo: “You realize, The Five-Year-Old, that the woodshed was part of the main house. It would be like you going and hiding in the playroom.”

The Five-Year-Old, disappointed: “How would I do that?”

Mommyo: “You’d sneak in when I’m not looking. But you’d have to be really sneaky. I’m pretty sharp-eyed.”

The Five-Year-Old: “I could hide behind the (mumble, mumble). I’m pretty agile.”

Mommyo: “Where are you going to hide?”

The Five-Year-Old: “I’m… I can’t tell you.”

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