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Summer Review Medley: Little Honey Bear, The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup, and The Squeaky Creaky Bed

School’s out and we’d rather be outside. While that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped reading, it does mean I don’t want to spend a lot of time reviewing. Naturally, I feel guilty about that, so I’m giving you three quick hits on books that we’ve enjoyed over the years, rather than one long review.

Little Honey Bear and the Smiley Moon
By Gillian Lobel
Illustrated by Tim Warnes
Good Books, 2006

Beautiful illustrations. This book has a sweet gentleness to it that makes it a good choice for naptime and bedtime.

The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup
By Terry Farish
Candlewick, 2003

The story of a cantankerous ol’ man and the uppity ol’ cat who liked his potato soup, which made the cranky ol’ man love that uppity ol’ cat “just a breath more, but not so’s you’d notice.” A heartwarming story, written in language that is a delight to read out loud. Reading it to The Five-Year-Old made me miss Texas.

The Squeaky, Creaky Bed
By Pat Thomson
Illustrated by Niki Daly
Doubleday Books for Young Readers, 2003

Once there was a little boy who loved to stay with his grandparents. But he never could fall asleep in their squeaky, creaky old bed. So Grandpa gives him a cat for company. Then a dog. Then a pig. Then more and more, until the bed is overflowing and no one’s getting any rest. I am laughing that Niki Daly drew Grandpa and Grandma as aging hippies. This is a fun story to read, with lots of sound effects to keep it interesting.

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