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In which The Four-Year-Old discovers the pure unadulterated joy that is…

The boots, temporarily at rest after weeks of near constant jumping.

… a new-to-you pair of white leather cowboy boots.

The Four-Year-Old, jumping up and down in the vintage store during the test run before purchase: “These boots have got some hop in them.”

Hopping over to a mirror, and pausing (briefly) to admire her reflection, The Four-Year-Old again: “Maybe I could go herding a cow in them. Or a bull.”

Turning to me, with great excitement, The Four-Year-Old: “Mommyo! Maybe I could even get a job in Texas!”

2 Responses to “In which The Four-Year-Old discovers the pure unadulterated joy that is…”

  1. tirane93

    ‘scuze me, ma’am? mah name’s betty sue ann leona may smith. i’m from texas and i’m ‘a lookin’ to find me a four-year-old who can hop and herd a bull. she’d need t’have her own whaht cahboah boots too. would you happ’n t’know of any such child? we’d shore be willin’ to pay top dollar.


    • Shala Howell

      Thank you for your interest, Betty Sue Eleanor Jehosaphat, ma’am. I will certainly pass along your inquiry to The Four-Year-Old once she completes her latest interplanetary mission. I believe she is still counting the rings of Kitty Saturn.



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