In which The Four-Year-Old discovers the pure unadulterated joy that is…

The boots, temporarily at rest after weeks of near constant jumping.

… a new-to-you pair of white leather cowboy boots.

The Four-Year-Old, jumping up and down in the vintage store during the test run before purchase: “These boots have got some hop in them.”

Hopping over to a mirror, and pausing (briefly) to admire her reflection, The Four-Year-Old again: “Maybe I could go herding a cow in them. Or a bull.”

Turning to me, with great excitement, The Four-Year-Old: “Mommyo! Maybe I could even get a job in Texas!”


  1. ‘scuze me, ma’am? mah name’s betty sue ann leona may smith. i’m from texas and i’m ‘a lookin’ to find me a four-year-old who can hop and herd a bull. she’d need t’have her own whaht cahboah boots too. would you happ’n t’know of any such child? we’d shore be willin’ to pay top dollar.


    • Thank you for your interest, Betty Sue Eleanor Jehosaphat, ma’am. I will certainly pass along your inquiry to The Four-Year-Old once she completes her latest interplanetary mission. I believe she is still counting the rings of Kitty Saturn.


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