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“Can octopuses do gymnastics at the bottom of the ocean?”

(Image by Morten Brekkevold via Flickr)

Warning: Watching the octopus video will raise all kinds of questions, like:

  • Can Princess Octopuses have Prince Octopuses?
  • And what’s in that big balloony head?

Fortunately, we’re here for you.

Thanks to our crack research team, when your Four-Year-Old asks, you can say with confidence that yes, there is a Prince Octopus. However, as he’s a boxer from Ghana who competed in the 2008 Olympic games, one hopes that the Princess Octopus will never meet him.

As for question number two: That big balloony head (technically called a mantle) houses the octopus’ brains, digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems. (Diagram here, courtesy of How Stuff Works.)

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