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In which The Four-Year-Old gains a new appreciation for my age

That’s right, kiddo. I’m even older than this. (Image:

The Four-Year-Old, interrupting her parents’ discussion of what to do with our out-of-date technology: “Mommyo, do you really have the first Kindle ever made?”

Mommyo, glossing over the fine print* with her usual wild abandon: “Yep. And your Daddyo has the second Kindle ever made.”

The Four-Year-Old, with a gasp: “You’re that old????”

BTW: If like me, you find yourself in the grip of New Kindle Envy, but are unwilling to simply cast your old Kindle aside, Amazon has launched a trade-in program for previous generation Kindles. The program enables you to exchange your older generation Kindle for an Amazon gift card worth between $16-100, depending on the type and age of your trade-in.

*In this case a discussion of model vs. actual production. Mommyo has the first type of Kindle ever made. Daddyo has the second. We don’t literally have the first and second Kindles to ever roll off the assembly line. But you knew that, right?

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