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Jalapeno Noon

Peter paints a peck of piquant peppers

The Four-Year-Old, face crumpled from the jalapeno her father has just encouraged her to try: “Daddyo, I’m not happy.”

Daddyo: “Drink some milk.”

The Four-Year-Old does, face uncrumpling as she slurps.

Daddyo: “Now, drink some water and swish it around your mouth a bit before you swallow.”

The Four-Year-Old does.

Daddyo: “Now eat a carrot.”

The Four-Year-Old, laughing: “You’re making this up.”

(Image of the jalapenos painted by Rachel Pasch / justmakeit, whose Flickr photostream is far more reflective than I had expected. I hope you start painting again soon, Rachel.)

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