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World’s Oldest Running Car and Other (Car) News of the Week

The $4.6 million 1884 Steam Runabout. This baby is apparently still running. Now that’s what I call reliability!

As you know, a random question by The Four-Year-Old has sent Caterpickles Central into a tizzy over very old cars this week. Turns out I can’t shake my fascination with them.

Particularly the steam-powered kind, which I suppose makes sense given the excellent steampunk fiction I’ve been reading lately.

The World’s Oldest & Newest Steam Powered Cars

While researching this week’s crop of posts, two articles on the lingering presence of steam-powered cars have caught my eye. The first was a report that the world’s oldest (running) car was sold earlier this month for $4.6 million. And, in an exciting development for steampunk enthusiasts and green activists alike–Cyclone Power Systems of Florida is building a modern version of steam-powered cars: Steamed Over Gas Prices? Try a Steam Engine.

The World’s Oldest Running Car and Other (Car) News of the Week continues below the fold with:

  • DaVinci’s Spring Powered Car
  • My Husband’s Encounter with an Electric Charging Station in Boston

DaVinci’s Spring Powered Car

How Stuff Works reports on a 2004 effort to build DaVinci’s spring-powered car. Yeah, it’s old news, but new to me this week.

Electric Charging Stations Popping Up All Over Boston

On Tuesday, my husband parked near a Juice Bar electric car charging station in a parking lot under the Charles River. Turns out Boston has begun setting up free charging stations in shopping malls, MBTA stations, Logan Express bus stops, and library parking lots all over the city to encourage its citizens to buy new all-electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf. So far car charging stations have been planned and/or unveiled in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, the Lenox Hotel in Boston, and City Hall Plaza.  The program appears to be going statewide, with charging stations planned for Lexington and 24 other Massachusetts communities, thanks to a combination of federal grant money and a fine imposed on an Ohio-based power plant for pollution-control violations.

Tag! You’re it. What have you been reading about this week?

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