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Breakfast at Caterpickles


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Preschooler, munching thoughtfully on some Kix: “Mommyo, I know a woolly mammoth who lost his wool.”

Mother, sipping her tea as fast as she can because she knows she’s going to need the help keeping up: “Oh? Where is it?”

Preschooler, who unlike her maternal parent, has her synapses fully online already: “I don’t know. He doesn’t migrate. And he’s not of mammoth proportions.”

Mother: “Really?”

Preschooler: “No. He’s just as tall as you.”

Mother: “My goodness, that is short.”

Preschooler: “He’s a dwarf mammoth. I know another mammoth that survived [the extinction]. He’s not of mammoth proportions either. He’s just the size of Daddyo! That’s tall, huh? Really tall!”

(For those of you who haven’t met us personally, my husband is all of three inches taller than me. A good pair of shoes goes a long way toward wiping out the gap completely.)

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