“Why do I have to be clean?”

Splish, splash, I'm taking a bath
I showed this picture to my daughter hoping it would encourage her to take a bath of her own. Her response: “Can I take my bath in a puddle too?” (Image by San Diego Shooter/Nathan Rupert via Flickr)

Preschooler, on bath night: “Why do I have to be clean?”

Mother: “To stay healthy.”

Preschooler: “Why?”

Mother, hoping to move things along to a place where there is less questioning and more bathing: “That’s a good question for Caterpickles.”

Preschooler, not having any of it: “What if no computer anywhere has the answer?”

Mother: “We will go to the library. That’s what we used to do before computers, you know.”

Preschooler, aghast: “The library… you mean READ???”

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