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“How do storm glasses work?” Part Two: The Testing

About two weeks ago, after noticing that our replica storm glass had been predicting cloudy skies more or less continuously since we acquired it six months ago, The Nine-Year-Old and I began to wonder how storm glasses worked. You can … Continue reading

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What’s The Nine-Year-Old reading this week?

The Complete Periodic Table by Adrian Dingle (Basher Science Series) What the book’s about:   Adrian Dingle’s Complete Periodic Table devotes a page or two to each of the 115 elements, giving each element a voice, a shape, and a distinct personality. Each entry tells … Continue reading

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(Not Even Sort of) Wordless Wednesday: Storm Glass Fun

Two days ago, I moved the storm glass into the master bathroom in preparation for the battery of tests we’re going to subject it to over the weekend. (I wanted the glass to have a couple of days to acclimate to … Continue reading

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