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Two side by side false color images of Uranus, show the planet encased in a rainbow of colors from pale green to red. Around it are white rings that run around what I can't help but think of as the planet's north and south poles. Uranus, it turns out, looks like it's tilted up on its side.

Who was Uranus?

While reading Dava Sobel’s book The Planets last week, I learned that Uranus is the only major planet in our solar system named after a Greek myth instead of a Roman one. Off-hand, I couldn’t remember any mention of Uranus in Greek mythology. So I decided to look it up. Who was Uranus? Why is he the only Greek god to get his own planet?

worker using a broom to push fish to the side of the road

“Why does it rain fish in Honduras every year?”

It’s May, which means any day now a massive thunderstorm will form in Yoro, Honduras, pelting the region with heavy rain for hours. By the time the rain’s over, the ground will be covered in small, blind, silver fish. Locals call it the Lluvia de Peces (rain of fish). But why does it happen?

old drawing of fenris the wolf

“What did people think caused earthquakes in the olden days?” Part Two

If you’re just joining us, on Monday The Five-Year-Old asked her Daddyo what people used to think caused earthquakes back in the olden days. “Like when you were born.” Turns out she meant the really olden days, when instead of seeking scientific explanations, people relied on storytelling to make sense of their world. And that’s a really fun question, because the ancient explanations are all over the map.