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Throwback Thursday: “Are caterpillars ticklish?” Part Two: The Tickling

Every once in a while people ask me why I named my blog Caterpickles. Believe it or not, there is actually a reason. Back in the days when my daughter’s question-to-declarative sentence ratio was a hefty 15:1, she asked me a question about caterpillars that launched an impromptu science experiment that was so much fun, I decided to document it (and a few of my daughter’s other questions) for posterity. “Mommyo, are caterpillars ticklish?”

bunch of colorful balloons smashed together. Hint of a car seat below them.

Classic Caterpickles: “What else pops balloons?”

The Four-Year-Old’s latest balloon trauma happened just this weekend, when her brand new purple balloon popped on impact with a silver car parked in the hot sun. Fortunately she has had quite a bit of experience by now dealing with balloon loss, so instead of crying, she immediately began asking questions. “What else pops balloons, Mommyo?”

“How did they make old-timey ketchup?”: A Caterpickles Investigative Report

One of the reasons I love eating at local diners is that they tend to serve ketchup in glass bottles. The Five-Year-Old, though, was a bit surprised to learn that squeeze-and-squirt hasn’t always been fundamental to the ketchup experience. “Is this an old-timey bottle, Mommyo?” “Yep.” The Five-Year-Old, warily eying the red glob on her plate: “How do they make old-timey ketchup, Mommyo?” I didn’t know, but making old-timey ketchup sure sounded like a lot of fun.

“Can I catch some hail?”

The evening in early June that my daughter and I spent huddled in our basement waiting for the tornado warning to expire is definitely in the running to be one of the formative experiences of my daughter’s childhood. Over a month later, she’s still busily processing it. Today she asked, “Can I catch some hail, Mommyo?”

“Why are caterpillars so mushy?”

While we were doing the caterpillar-tickling experiment this week, the question of how to tickle the caterpillars had to be dealt with early on. I ruled out using our fingers on grounds of caterpillars being too mushy. That of course led to questions about why caterpillars are so mushy.