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sleek black vintage convertible with white wall tires.

A selection of vintage Ford cars

Earlier this summer, we happened across a line of vintage cars parked on a street next to a town festival in Northern California. Naturally, I took pictures. Here’s a selection of vintage Ford motor cars from that show.

a semi circle of flags against a pale blue sky

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We’re going to take a few days off here at Caterpickles Central to enjoy the summer and maybe learn a few things about vintage cars. ‘Tis the season for vintage cars, after all.

VW Beetle painted gold.

“What’s the oldest model car on the road today?”

The sighting of the year’s first Model T is always cause for celebration at Caterpickles Central, because it means summer is well and truly here. The antique roadsters have been out and about for weeks now, though, and the excitement of being the first to yell “Funky old car!” on spotting one is starting to pale. One afternoon, my daughter, after spotting yet another red roadster with an exposed motor, started to wonder about the actual ages of the funky old cars on the road around us. “Mommyo, what’s the oldest model car on the road today?”