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“Can cats smell stress?”

One afternoon after a rough day at school, The Ten-Year-Old tried to calm herself down by picking Canelo up for a hug. He was having none of it. The Ten-Year-Old was disappointed when Canelo ran off instead of giving her the reassuring head-bonk she was looking for, but as always, her curiosity won out. “Mommyo, can cats smell stress?”

On the left side is a photo of a pine cone. On the right is an artichoke.

“Are artichokes and pine cones related?”

Since we’ve moved to California, I’ve been mildly obsessed with pine cones. The tree in our backyard grows some truly enormous ones, and I’ve been spending a lot of time dodging them. You know what else I’ve dodged a lot of in California? Artichokes. In dodging both pine cones and artichokes, I can’t help but notice how physically similar they are. So I started to wonder, are pine cones and artichokes related?