Other Things I’ve Written

Most of my writing time is devoted to completing my first novel, Asylum. But when I’m not communing with the crazy people in 19th century Boston, you can find me exploring the 21st century with my daughter here on Caterpickles and chatting about the writing life over on BostonWriters. For a brief, but happy year while we still lived in Massachusetts, I was privileged to be allowed to scour the archives at my local church. You can find a few of the interesting tidbits I dug up at Once Upon a Time in Needham.

As a freelancer these days, I enjoy writing location-specific Caterpickles posts and original articles on traveling with kids for the vacation rental site Dwellable. Select Caterpickles posts from our time in Massachusetts have also appeared on the Norwood Patch, a hyper local news site based in Norwood, Massachusetts. I’ve also written on environmental and sustainability issues for Together Yes, a Massachusetts-based environmental group.

Most of my work on optical networking and such is unsigned (ah the travails of life as a technical writer), although if you are really motivated, you can use the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine to find some old articles I wrote for Group Computing Magazine (groupcomputing.com) back in 1998-1999 under the name Shala Phillips.

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