Other Things I’ve Written

My Blogging Life

I have three blogs, because of course I do (they are all on different topics so it must be ok).  The first is this one, Caterpickles, where I write about fostering curiosity in kids (and their parents).  The second is BostonWriters, where I chat about books and the writing life.

For a brief, but happy year while we still lived in Massachusetts, I was privileged to be allowed to scour the archives at my local church. You can find a few of the tidbits I dug up at Once Upon a Time in Needham.

My Past as a Freelancer

As a freelancer, I’ve written several location-specific articles on traveling with kids for the vacation rental site Dwellable. Select Caterpickles posts from our time in Massachusetts have also appeared on the Norwood Patch, a hyper local news site based in Norwood, Massachusetts. I’ve also written on environmental and sustainability issues for Together Yes, a Massachusetts-based environmental group.

Most of my work on optical networking and such is unsigned (ah the travails of life as a technical writer), but if you are really motivated, you can use the Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine to find some old articles I wrote for Group Computing Magazine (groupcomputing.com) back in 1998-1999 under the name Shala Phillips.

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