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Book Review: Pack of Dorks

If I could change one thing about parenting, it would be to have it commonly accepted that parents & kids should keep reading books together well into middle school. My fifth grader and I both read Beth Vrabel’s Pack of Dorks this past weekend and it opened up so many excellent conversations about friendship, bullying, and having the courage to be your own person.

Book Review: Little Girls Can Be Mean

This week, instead of telling you about what my daughter’s reading, I want to tell you about a great book I’m reading. Friendship challenges in K-6 are just as complicated and emotionally fraught as ever. In Little Girls Can Be Mean, Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert describe a simple, four-step process that parents can use to teach their children to navigate these tricky social situations on their own.

Teaching The Eight-Year-Old to be a savvy spender, Part II

Here at Caterpickles Central, we believe that everyone in the family works together to keep our household functioning without expecting any particular compensation beyond having clean silverware to eat with, the ability to walk through the house without tripping, and clean clothes to wear.

So when we decided four years ago that The (then) Four-Year-Old was old enough to receive an allowance, we didn’t ask her to do any chores around the house to earn it. Instead, we decided to use the allowance simply to teach her how to manage money.