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“Is it really unlucky to have peacock feathers in the house?”

In her book, Reading like a Writer, Francine Prose casually states that it’s bad luck to have peacock feathers in the house. I’d never heard that before. So of course, I wanted to know: do peacock feathers bring bad luck? Continue reading

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Help The Eight-Year-Old convince Mommyo that dragons are real

(A special guest post by The Eight-Year-Old) Hi, readers! I’m doing a research project. If you or a friend think you’ve seen the Loch Ness Monster, a dragon or a sea serpent,¬†I would like you to send this information¬†to Mommyo … Continue reading

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“What did people think caused earthquakes in the olden days?” Part Two

If you’re just joining us, on Monday The Five-Year-Old asked her Daddyo what people used to think caused earthquakes back in the olden days. “Like when you were born.” Turns out she meant the really olden days, when instead of … Continue reading

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