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“Can cats smell stress?”

I can tell my daughter is growing up because she’s starting to experience a bit of emotional turbulence again. She knows we love her regardless, but sometimes she’s not sure about our cat, Canelo. He is not always patient with … Continue reading

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Caterpickles Cleans House, Part 5

How did grapefruit get their name? Why do cats have three eyelids? And why are they called wisdom teeth anyway? Today I answer multiple questions briefly in the hopes of clearing the decks a bit before summer. Continue reading

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Classic Caterpickles: “Why doesn’t Santa have heart disease?”

After reading The Night Before Christmas, The (then) Five-Year-Old and I had a conversation about the perils of smoking, and whether Santa smoked. The (then) Five-Year-Old had obviously been busy processing this information because a few days later she asked me, “Why … Continue reading

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“Do we really have to refrigerate ketchup?” 

Over dinner one Sunday night, the subject of ketchup came up. Specifically, the various ways of storing it. Mommyo had always refrigerated ketchup bottles after opening them, so The Nine-Year-Old was somewhat shocked to learn that once upon a time … Continue reading

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“Did any of the Presidents not like toys?”

It’s nearing the end of the year, so I’m in a clear-out-the-old-backlog-of-questions sort of mood. Back when The Eight-Year-Old was only five, we spent a lovely afternoon building a village for her toy dinosaurs out of Lincoln logs. After carefully … Continue reading

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“Why does hair turn grey?”

When The Eight-Year-Old asked me why my hair was turning grey this last week, I was so tempted to simply answer with a quick and trite: “Parenthood.”

After all, my first grey hair popped out shortly after The Eight-Year-Old was born. But even this English major knows that correlation does not equal causation, so I skipped the made-a-million-times-but-new-to-The-Eight-Year-Old jokes and went straight to Asking the iPhone. Continue reading

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“If you ate only spinach, how much spinach would you have to eat to maintain your weight?”

The Eight-Year-Old wandered into the kitchen the other day while I was prepping a blueberry and spinach smoothie. While watching me stuff the blender with spinach and almond milk, she asked, “Mommyo, if you ate only spinach, how much spinach would you have … Continue reading

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My shiny new Dutch Oven

I’ve been reading a lot of recipes lately, and have been frankly astounded by the number of non-stew recipes that call for a Dutch oven. Take this one for French Chicken in a Pot. Clearly not a stew. Also, yum! So this … Continue reading

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The Six-Year-Old Negotiates: Episode 2, The Tooth Fairy

This week, The Six-Year-Old lost her first two teeth. Or rather, The Six-Year-Old went to the dentist and the dentist pulled them out for her. Here’s what happened. Last week, the Six-Year-Old starting looking a bit shark-like. Her permanent teeth … Continue reading

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How not to die (Not appropriate for children)

One of these days Caterpickles will get back to answering The Six-Year-Old’s questions as usual. Today is apparently not that day. Have you seen this? How Not to Die: Angelo Volandes’s low-tech, high-empathy plan to revolutionize end-of-life care (The Atlantic) … Continue reading

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