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“Were Thin Mints really the third type of Girl Scout cookie ever introduced?”

In case your neighborhood hasn’t been overtaken by Girl Scouts peddling cookies, consider this a public service announcement: It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season. Sales end (in Northern California at least) on March 4, so if you were planning to buy … Continue reading

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(Not at all) Wordless Wednesday: Fractal Cauliflower

Every time we go to the farmer’s market I try to find at least one fruit or vegetable we’ve never had before. This week, we stumbled across a pale green cauliflower-shaped vegetable made of fractals. So of course, we took it home and roasted it. Continue reading

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“What’s a sugar plum, and why does it get its own fairy?”

The holidays have finally struck here at Caterpickles Central. I wasn’t entirely sure it was going to happen this year, seeing as how there are still flowers blooming outside our front door, but I chaperoned The Ten-Year-Old’s field trip to … Continue reading

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“Did a cow invent the doughnut?”

One afternoon, while we were watching old episodes of Murdoch Mysteries, The Ten-Year-Old had her mind blown by a stray comment from Constable George Crabtree. “Did you know that a cow invented the doughnut?” Crabtree asks Detective Murdoch during a pause … Continue reading

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My carefree no-fuss Thanksgiving

As regular readers know, I’ve hosted Thanksgiving for the past few years. Since cooking is not an activity that comes naturally to me, this involves about three weeks of planning. We live in a third floor walk-up, so I like … Continue reading

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“How did Yukon Gold potatoes get their name?”

Happy Monday! Thanks for sticking with me through my potato obsession. The good news is I’ve only got one question about potatoes left, and it’s a short one. Learning that miners during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896-99 valued potatoes … Continue reading

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“Why didn’t miners during the California Gold Rush realize eating potatoes could prevent scurvy?”

Welcome back to Caterpickles! As we learned last week, miners during the Klondike Gold Rush valued the scurvy-fighting power of the humble potato so highly they were willing to pay $25 per bushel for them. After politely listening to my … Continue reading

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“Why were potatoes so expensive during the Klondike Gold Rush?”

As you may have inferred from this blog, I am the sort of mother who adores stocking my child’s mind with interesting tidbits about the world around her. I am also the sort who likes to make sure (eventually), that … Continue reading

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“Were potatoes ever so valuable that miners paid for them with gold?”

About two years ago, I slipped a note into The Nine-Year-Old’s lunch box. It was one of those preprinted affairs with a sweet little message on the front that said something like “Choose to be happy today,” and a bit of … Continue reading

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“Do we really have to refrigerate ketchup?” 

Over dinner one Sunday night, the subject of ketchup came up. Specifically, the various ways of storing it. Mommyo had always refrigerated ketchup bottles after opening them, so The Nine-Year-Old was somewhat shocked to learn that once upon a time … Continue reading

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