50 States of Public Art: The SPACES Sculpture Trail in Huntsville & Madison, Alabama

As you know, I’ve been doing Wordless Wednesdays for a few years now. Posting a photograph of something or other but not saying much about it has been a nice way to mark the middle of the week. But I’m bored with that format now, and want to use Wednesdays for something more useful.

You may have heard I’ve got a book or two out on viewing public art with your kids. Public art is everywhere, and this is the season for getting out and viewing it. While I was out hunting for public art in Mesquite, Texas with The Eleven-Year-Old earlier this month, it occurred to me that it would be nice to use Wednesdays on Caterpickles to highlight public art projects happening right now in various parts of the country. With luck, I’ll highlight one in a town near you. 

Obviously, The Eleven-Year-Old and I can’t visit all these places in person, so we’d love to know if you have. Send us your photos or leave us a comment telling us what you saw and what you thought about it. Or if you’d like us to hunt down some public art near you, just leave a note in the comments and we’ll happily see what we can find. 

With that, let’s take a quick trip to Alabama. 

SPACES Sculpture Trail in Huntsville & Madison, Alabama

(Photo Source: SPACES iOS App by ARTS Huntsville)

Title: At Home With Higher Thoughts

Artist: Charlie Brouwer

Location: Southside Square, Huntsville, Alabama 35801

Photo Source: SPACES HSV iOS App

Associated Public Art Project:

At Home With Higher Thoughts is part of the SPACES Sculpture Trail in Huntsville and Madison, Alabama.

Begun in 2010 by Arts Huntsville, Alabama A&M University, Huntsville Museum of Art, Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment Center, and UAH, SPACES is a large-scale public art installation that has grown to include 39 works from 22 artists living in 12 U.S. states as well as Toronto, Canada.

The sculptures are installed across Huntsville and Madison, and will remain in place through at least January 2019. Many, if not all, of the artworks in the SPACES Sculpture Trail, are for sale.

Want to see it yourself?

There’s an app for that. ARTS Huntsville has developed a free iOS and Android app filled with information about the works on exhibit and the artists who made them. You can learn more about the app here.

Already seen SPACES but want to explore other public art in Huntsville? 

The Purple Cup is hosting a free Secret Art Walk event this Friday, July 13, from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. The walk kicks off from Green Bus Brewing at Eustis Ave SE 206 in downtown Huntsville. You find more information about the event via Facebook.

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