Test post: Google+ & WordPress in a spat

Once upon a time, when I posted something on Caterpickles, it appeared automatically on my Google+ page as well, properly marked for public consumption.

This morning, I noticed that my Caterpickles posts were all still showing up on Google+, but instead of being publicly viewable, they were all viewable only by me.

Well, that’s not very helpful. After all, I already know that my book’s out, that the Utah salt flats are a weird alien landscape in the middle of the western half of the U.S., and that it’s hard to find good science fiction featuring not-terribly-scary aliens for ten-year-olds.

The point of sharing with Google+ is tell other people all that. Apparently, the key to fixing it is to disconnect Google+ from WordPress on your WordPress site, and WordPress from Google+ on your Google+ profile, then reconnect the two again from the WordPress side.

I can’t tell if this worked. So I’m writing up a quick post to test it.

Fingers crossed.


Well, that seems to have worked. Now to reshare all those old posts which were marked private so that they can actually be public. Sadly I’m afraid I’m going to have to type up a new version of them manually, as simply resharing them as a public post doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone have a better way?

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