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The planet of Stuck-In-The-Muck

Time is a bit short around Caterpickles Central this week, what with two major deadlines coming up on Friday, so I’m going to let The Four-Year-Old commandeer the blog for another story. Regularly scheduled book reviews will return next week. … Continue reading

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Science News Roundup: Carmageddon!

Flying Car Approved for Use on Road: Loyal readers will remember my daughter’s glee at learning just a few short weeks ago that there are in fact flying cars. This week I learned that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … Continue reading

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In Which My Daughter Explores the Fuzzy Logic of Cat Math

My daughter’s favorite car game at the moment is spotting satellite dishes on the homes and businesses we drive by. She’s very good at it, much better than either of her parents, who tend to be easily distracted by shiny … Continue reading

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“Why aren’t there flying cars?”

As it turns out, there are flying cars. And boy, was my daughter excited to hear that!  Naturally, I didn’t know about them. Fortunately, my husband was there and had the video to prove it ready to go on his … Continue reading

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